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Friday, February 24, 2006

Scotty baby

Dear Mr. Poker Person,

Why does Scotty Nguyen call everyone “baby?”

Nobody's Baby

Dear Nobody's Baby,

Although only a handful of people know it, Scotty "The Train" Nguyễn is actually 1678 years old. Centuries ago, he was a Buddhist monk in what is now Viet Nam. One day, Mara, the Buddhist devil, appeared to him and offered to trade him three wishes for his soul. Not being a very devout monk, Scotty, or Nguyễn My Đức, as he was known at the time, quickly accepted the devil's offer.

After several days of contemplation, Đức chose as his three wishes:
• immortality
• the ability to gamble well
• to be at all times the coolest person in the room

His new powers allowed Đức to win a very large fortune playing Pai Gow (牌九), a game of Chinese dominoes that forms the basis for the modern game of Pai Gow poker. This supernatural gambling ability has allowed Scotty to maintain a high-rolling lifestyle thoughout the centuries.

No one who has ever spent any time with him can deny that Scotty is at all times the coolest person wherever he goes. All the ladies love him, that's for sure. Only the ultra-coolest of men could make a statement like "You call and it's all over, baby" and pull it off.

There is no doubt in Mr. Poker Person's mind that Nguyễn My Đức chose his three wishes wisely.

So why does he call us all "baby?" Obviously, to Scotty, having been around for centuries, everyone else in the world is but an infant.

Except, of course, for Doyle Brunson.

As always, remember to stay out of the muck.

Your friend,
Mr. Poker Person